Work Options for Women: Getting “Social” – driving a message of self-sufficiency

Please join us on our journey as we begin to extend our voice through the use of social media and a variety of sites online. I invite you to come with us as we seek to uncover interactive ways to share our mission and important work. Whether it is sharing a fun event we are a part of, or an inspiring story from one of our graduates, or discussing the important issues in our community that are affecting all of us, we are opening up our communication streams and inviting you in to join the conversation.

Obviously, community both online and offline plays a key role in this journey and we want to hear from you and provide you with communities where you can share your experiences and perspectives related to self-sufficiency and Work Options for Women.

What we are checking out:

Come along and join us for the ride! There are a number of ways you can get involved, below is a list of places that you can find us online and in the weeks to come, we will be launching a beautiful new website, so check back soon.

Join the Conversation! What’s on your mind?

Catherine Henry
Executive Director
Work Options for Women

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