WomenCook! Up for the FEDDY Award

WomenCook! is up for the FEDDY Award. What is this award you may ask? Jeremy Kossler created the FEDDY (Food Events in Denver) Awards to recognize the hard work that goes into many of the top philanthropic food events held in Colorado. This is not Kossler’s first event of this type, you may remember the Denver Burger Battle that he put together is August that challenged local Denver eateries to compete for the best tasting burger.

Kossler created a Facebook page where fans can vote on which food soiree they believe to be deserving of this award. We are honored that our annual WomenCook! event is listed among the high-profile philanthropic events held in Colorado.

Also some of WOW’s big supporters in Denver are also up for an award for being philanthropic kitchen magicians including
Max Mackissock of Squeaky Bean, Sheila Lucero of Jax Fish House (click here to see our video interview with Sheila) and Elise Wiggins of Panzano (click here to see our video interview with Elise).

We would love your support and vote.  To participate, go to the 2010 FEDDY Awards Facebook page.