Intern Ready Student Wisdom… What Are Their Parting Words?

Every Friday afternoon WOW kitchen staff, case management staff, and the students gather to share what the students have learned in the past week and what they hope to learn or improve upon in the upcoming week. This special time is also used to honor any WOW student who has completed his or her 12 weeks of training in the WOW kitchen and is moving on to an internship at Café Options. It is amazing what the staff has learned from the students and what the students have learned about themselves in their short 12 week stay. After recording several weeks of bittersweet good-byes, these are some examples of wisdom shared by the students:

  • If there is one thing I can pass on, it’s don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • I am a bit emotional right now because I want you all to know that this is the first thing I have ever finished in my life. I came, I worked hard and I completed it!
  • One student wrote a poem inspired by her time in the program and then left her classmates with a message about patience: If you are working on getting to where you want to be, know you must have patience. Things will work out.
  • I just want to thank the chefs for being here. I know with their talent they could be working in any restaurant, but they choose to be here teaching us every day. I am grateful for their choice.
  • If I can do this, you [current WOW students] can do this too!
  • I can now confidently say I can name all 5 mother sauces. Béchamel, velouté, espagnole (brown), tomato and hollandaise!
  • Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I have made many friends and I am looking forward to seeing where this training is going to take me!
  • When choosing to do this program, I looked at it this way: Four months down the road is going to come no matter what. I could either have this training under my belt or I could be in the same spot I was in four months ago. I’d rather have the training!

The WOW team is very proud of what these incredible interns have overcome and achieved.