WomenCook! Featured Chef: Sheila Lucero of Jax Fish House

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Each week, we will feature the women chefs who are participating in 7th Annual WomenCook! – Dining for a Difference event.

Today, we are proud to feature Sheila Lucero, a returning chef to the WomenCook! event and executive chef for Jax Fish House in Denver and Boulder.

We had the chance to sit down with Sheila last year and talk about her involvement with WomenCook! and to learn a little bit more about her journey.

Check it out here:

Learn more about Sheila’s Story:
A native of Denver, Sheila was first introduced to food and cooking by her father, an avid food lover and cook. After graduation from high school, Sheila received a scholarship to play soccer in Miami Florida. While at Florida International University playing soccer and studying biology, she indulged in her culinary cravings and explored the wonderful and varied south Florida cuisines.

Imparted with the respect and passion for food instilled in her by her father, Sheila chose to continue her education, and graduated from the Colorado Art Institute with a degree in the culinary arts. Starting out in delis and bakeries prior to and during school, Sheila discovered her love of energy and the enthusiasm kitchens can have. “It’s a lot like being on the soccer field, working as a team to reach our goals.” While completing her culinary education she worked as a line cook at several Denver restaurants. Sheila was part of the opening crew at Jax Fish House, Denver. She was under the guidance of select few that has helped put Denver on the national culinary map. The creative challenges brought to her as she was promoted to Sous Chef under the guidance of Dave Query and Jamey Fader.

Sheila became Chef in the summer of 2002, where she immediately made her mark be receiving the accolades of best seafood by 5280 magazine, Westword Magazine, City Search, Rocky Mountain News. Sheila has also appeared twice on 9news and is asked to participate in the city’s best philanthropic events. Sheila has donated her time and talent to the Great Chefs of the West Liver Foundation, The Kidney Foundation, the Chefs up Front (S.O.S.), the Do at the Zoo, and Project Angel Heart to name a few.  In 2009 Sheila became the Executive Chef of Jax Fish House Boulder and Denver.