Why WOW on #COGivesDay?

Tomorrow is Colorado Gives Day — a 24-hour period of fundraising in Colorado, a chance to “give where you live.” Starting at midnight tonight, there are no processing fees, so 100% of your donation through the Colorado Gives Day website goes right back to the nonprofit of your choice.

With thousands of nonprofits participating in the state’s largest fundraiser, here are five reasons why you should donate to Work Options for Women on #COGivesDay:

1. We enable students to change their lives. We give our students resources and training they can use to become permanently and gainfully employed in the food service industry. Many of our students have not completed high school. Some were homeless when they began the program, and some have a criminal background. The decision and determination to work hard is in their hands.

2. We are innovative. We are constantly evaluating our program to see how we can better serve our students. For example, we recently streamlined our case management aspect of the program, so that now students work with the same case manager throughout their time with WOW.  Additionally, we have begun to develop our advanced culinary and supervisory skills training program for WOW graduates who want to further their skills.

3. We build on past success. In 2011, we placed 25 students in employment. That number jumped to 63 in 2012 — a 250% increase over the prior year. With a month still to go, we have helped 51 students find employment in the food service industry in 2013, with six students currently in the job-search phase of their training. Also this year, we celebrated two of our largest graduating classes in April and October. A WOW graduate is a student who has not only completed training, but also has maintained employment for at least three months.

4. We provide real-world training. Students begin working in a fast-paced, high-pressure kitchen environment right from Day 1. Our chef instructors expect the same traits from our students that any employer would: getting to work on time and ready to go, having a good attitude, working safely and cleanly, working well with a team, communicating well and asking good questions.

5. We are always there for our students. Even after they graduate. We provide follow-up services to our students three months, six months, and 12 months after they have completed the program. But they also can utilize our case managers even after they have found employment.

Donate to Work Options for Women here on Colorado Gives Day.

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