View from a Student: ‘Anxious, excited’ for First Day

What is it like for a Work Options for Women student on her first day of training? What about after her second week? In “View from a Student” we’ll take a look at WOW training from the perspective of the women and men enrolled in the program.

Even at 28 years old, Charlotte* had jitters the night before her first day.

That is, her first day of training at Work Options for Women.

“I was thinking about the first day all day the Sunday before I started,” she said. “I was anxious, excited.”

By the end of the day, she said her feet were tired and the kitchen was hot, but she was very pleased with her decision to take the first steps toward enrolling at WOW.

Those included attending an open orientation, which is held every Tuesday morning at 10, where she learned more about the program from WOW’s enrollment specialist, Katie, and also got a tour of the facility.

“I’ve been out of work since August,” Charlotte said. “WOW caught my eye (because you get) all these skills to pull in a job.”

Charlotte said she has been working in the restaurant industry since she was 18 years old, at various pizza places and fast-food restaurants like Sonic. But now, as a mother with three children, she knows the work she was getting just wasn’t enough to support her family.

The four of them moved from the east coast to Denver, to look for better work in a bigger city.

One of the challenges she will face, she said, is getting her children to understand that she has to be at WOW early in the morning to put in a full day of work. That is a new habit they will have to learn themselves. By getting ready for school on time, they also will help Charlotte get out of the house on time for training. Employers expect punctuality from their workers, and so does the staff at WOW.

But once Charlotte makes it past the first week, she knows it’ll be smoother sailing.

“I’m looking forward to being past dish washing,” she said.

Want to apply to become a WOW student? For more information about the program or for information about eligibility, call 720-944-3393 or e-mail

*This name has been changed.


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