A Different Measure of Success

A successful student at Work Options for Women does not always follow a linear path to accomplish her goals. It’s not always so formulaic a program.

Sometimes it’s not:

  • Step 1. Attend orientation and enroll at WOW.
  • Step 2. Train for 12 weeks.
  • Step 3. Search for a job.
  • Step 4. Obtain employment.
  • Step 5. Maintain employment for three months, be considered a “WOW graduate.”

Sometimes a successful student doesn’t complete training. She doesn’t obtain a job.

Sometimes she changes something in her life that was a major barrier to employment, a barrier to forming healthy relationships with others.

One student is a prime example of this situation. While at WOW, this student lashed out at chef instructors, students, case workers — anyone she perceived as questioning her abilities. In fact, however, they were offering constructive criticism for her culinary training, or even something as simple asking her to step out of the way in the kitchen.

Eventually, she met the requirements for a job and obtained employment, but even then, she lashed out at her new boss.

She started to recognize she wasn’t just angry at work. There was a deeper reason for her anger, a reason that she needed first needed to acknowledge. Then she needed to learn to manage those feelings and understand their genesis in order to be successful.

“Sometimes success is in helping people identify barriers and to work to improve themselves,” WOW case management supervisor Courtney Gross said. “We identify what they need to work on.”

The student received a referral and enrolled in counseling to work on some of those underlying issues. Finally she had a chance to work out some of the feelings she had been harboring for so long. With motivation and support from WOW, she has commenced on a path to communicating her feelings better, to understanding the deeper issues at hand, to living a healthier life.

Achievement at WOW isn’t always measured by who has the best culinary skills or who can obtain a job. Addressing issues outside the kitchen will help transform our students into a stronger people and employees.

A great measure of a successful student.

Want to apply to become a WOW student? For more information about the program or for information about eligibility, call 720-944-3393 or e-mail katie@workoptions.org.