Enchanted Water at Cafe Options

Art Show

Blue Planet • Enchanted Water • Life Emerges

Cafe Options was bustling on Wednesday afternoon while Steve Bostwick, Clifford Hawkes, Becky Chapman, and Alma Mueller carefully hung Enchanted Water, the group’s first art show.

After working together for two and a half years on separate projects, this group of photographers thought it was time they learned how to curate an art show, together. It took the group over three months to put together this collection of five photos. They had to refined the theme from garden to water. “It’s hard to explain why, but we just couldn’t come together on a group of photos until we focused on water” says Alma Mueller. Then, they had to choose five photos out of the 180 that each member of the group submitted. “It’s very hard to create a homogenous body of work among friends” Clifford Hawkes says, choosing his words carefully when asked about his experience. Despite their difficulties, these friends, seemingly closer than ever, finally put together five creative and beautiful photos of water in various forms.

“It was a learning experience for them” explains Teri Keller, the groups friend and mentor. Teri helped guide the photographers through the curating process. Showing them different methods of organizing photos for a single show. Now she sits back and glows with pride as they measure every inch of the wall at Cafe Options to make sure each photo is precisely where it is supposed to be.

The Enchanted Water collection is more than great photography, it represents the group’s teamwork and willingness to learn. Come down to Cafe Options to see their show in person and support their efforts. You can even order a print; 25% of the proceeds go to Work Options for Women.


16” x 21” print
Unframed: $100
Framed: $225

9.25” x 12” Print
Unframed: $85
Framed: $190

Contact the artist directly to purchase

Steve Bostwick: steve@bostwick.co
Becky Chapman: info@beckychapman.com
Clifford Hawkes: Clifford.l.hawkes@gmail.com
Alma Mueller: almamuellerphotography@gmail.com