Thank you for supporting WOW!

In Interesting Image!Thank you!

A huge thanks to each of you who donated to our Capital Campaign to Build a Barista Training Station at Cafe United. Because of you, we raised $3,278 in twenty days!

With this money, we will be able to

  • Begin building the Barista Training Station at Cafe United.
  • Help many more WOW students gain advanced culinary training.
  • Serve the Curtis Park Community coffee while educating them about adult self-sufficiency.

It’s not too late to donate!

If you haven’t already made a donation to our Indiegogo campaign, there is still time to help us reach our goal. We will be accepting donations until midnight tonight. Click here to go to our campaign page.

Thank you for your support. We hope to see you in line for a coffee at Cafe United soon!


Update: Raise $5,161 in 20 days

Thank you, for getting our campaign off to an amazing start!!

We can’t believe we are already over 58% funded after 15 days.

With the funds raised so far we will be able to buy an espresso machine for the new training station!! Thank you for believing in Work Options for Women and for being a part of our mission to empower under-served women through culinary job-training.


We need to raise an additional $2,168 in order to reach our goal of $5,161, which will allow us to complete the Barista Training Station at Cafe United. Please help us keep momentum going in the campaign by:

1) Emailing the campaign link,, to anyone who you think might be interested in contributing
2) Use the social icons on our campaign homepage to share through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
3) Add a comment to our campaign homepage and share why you believe in this work!
Thank you again for your support and being a part of the WOW community. Here’s to a successful campaign!

With Gratitude,
-WOW Staff, Students, Graduates and Board Members

Join Work Options for Women on Indiegogo!

In Interesting Image!

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to WOW’s Capital Campaign to build Cafe United.

Wait! We aren’t done yet.
Our challenge for the last 20 days of our Capital Campaign is to raise $5,161 for the Barista Training Station at Cafe United. The Barista Training Station will be a pivotal part of the new advanced training curriculum and a wonderful addition to Cafe United.

Check out our crowdfunding site!
We have created a donation page on Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding site. Every time you and your friends donate on our Indiegogo page, you will be eligible to claim a perk! These perks are WOW’s way of saying THANKS and range from a Facebook shout-out to a signed photograph of our current WOW class.
Find Indiegogo page at:

Please join us in building Cafe United and play a huge role in building a better future for Denver women.

Enchanted Water at Cafe Options

Art Show

Blue Planet • Enchanted Water • Life Emerges

Cafe Options was bustling on Wednesday afternoon while Steve Bostwick, Clifford Hawkes, Becky Chapman, and Alma Mueller carefully hung Enchanted Water, the group’s first art show.

After working together for two and a half years on separate projects, this group of photographers thought it was time they learned how to curate an art show, together. It took the group over three months to put together this collection of five photos. They had to refined the theme from garden to water. “It’s hard to explain why, but we just couldn’t come together on a group of photos until we focused on water” says Alma Mueller. Then, they had to choose five photos out of the 180 that each member of the group submitted. “It’s very hard to create a homogenous body of work among friends” Clifford Hawkes says, choosing his words carefully when asked about his experience. Despite their difficulties, these friends, seemingly closer than ever, finally put together five creative and beautiful photos of water in various forms.

“It was a learning experience for them” explains Teri Keller, the groups friend and mentor. Teri helped guide the photographers through the curating process. Showing them different methods of organizing photos for a single show. Now she sits back and glows with pride as they measure every inch of the wall at Cafe Options to make sure each photo is precisely where it is supposed to be.

The Enchanted Water collection is more than great photography, it represents the group’s teamwork and willingness to learn. Come down to Cafe Options to see their show in person and support their efforts. You can even order a print; 25% of the proceeds go to Work Options for Women.


16” x 21” print
Unframed: $100
Framed: $225

9.25” x 12” Print
Unframed: $85
Framed: $190

Contact the artist directly to purchase

Steve Bostwick:
Becky Chapman:
Clifford Hawkes:
Alma Mueller:

July Cooking Class at Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man and WOW

Jordan Stearns from Little Man Ice Cream
When: July 30, 2014 at 6 – 8 p.m.
Where: Little Man Ice Cream’s Kitchen: 3216 Tejon St.

This class may prove to be our most fun yet. Little Man Ice Cream has invited us to their kitchen to see how they create their yummy ice cream flavors. Meet the staff and get a behind-the-scenes look at one of Denver’s most iconic ice cream shops while, of course, creating and eating ice cream.
Click here for more information

Proceeds from WOW Cooking Classes benefit Work Options for Women’s mission.

Unseen Reflections by Tom Haygood

Unseen Reflections by Tom Haygood

Tom Haygood entered the world of photography when he was appointed the Official Photographer for his eighth grade Track and Field day. His passion for photography continued during his career as a Physician. During his visit to Denver in 2006 he was taken by how the towering office buildings transformed into giant canvasses fill with golden reflections containing patterns, shapes and colors that he had never noticed before. He wanted to capture these visions, not only for his own soul, but also to share this extraordinary discovery with the rest of the world. So upon retirement from the profession of Medicine he entered the profession of Fine Art Photography.

See original works by Tom Haygood at Cafe Options.

Eggs, eggs, eggs!


“A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

This time of year, hard-cooked eggs are popping up in Easter baskets and on Passover Seder plates. Just like we all have our own special traditions, it seems we all have our own special method for cooking eggs. Please enjoy the tidbits we’ve gathered below. We also hope that you’ll take a moment to share some of your own egg wisdom!

The Oven Method:

  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • Place eggs in a muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes
  • Cool eggs in an ice water bath.

The Stove-top Method:

  • Gently place eggs in a pot and add just enough water to cover.
  • Bring to a gentle boil, uncovered, over medium-high heat.
  • Remove from heat, cover, and let sit for 12-18 minutes, depending on the size.
  • Cool eggs an ice water bath.

The Crock Pot Method:

  • Fill your slow cooker with eggs (6-12)
  • Cover the eggs with water
  • Cook on high for 2.5 hours
  • Cool eggs in an ice water bath.

Tips and tricks to try:

  1. The green ring that sometimes forms around hard-cooked yolks can occur from cooking eggs too long or too hot. To minimize this, cook eggs in hot (not boiling) water and cool immediately.
  2. Older eggs peel easier, so buying your eggs a few days in advance can make them easier to peel.
  3. Adding your eggs after the water boils, cooking them at too rapid of a boil, or cooking in too much water can cause your eggs to break.
  4. Adding a teaspoon or two of baking soda to the water can make your boiled eggs easier to peel.
  5. Looking for a new way to dye your Easter eggs? Boil yellow onion skins, cranberries, blueberries, coffee grounds, tea, turmeric, chopped beets, purple cabbage, or paprika to make your dye bath. Add 3-4 T vinegar to set, and enjoy the subtle beauty of nature in place of the usual commercial dyes.

Do you have an “egg-cellent” method, tip, or trick to share? We would love to hear from you!